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Paying Twice For Your Chicken

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Honestly, this is not anything new, and similar is done in many countries around the world - the government pays farmers to burn crops or to destroy eggs or chicks or to leave the land fallow (why not do this for shmitta?)... but it is still upsetting when you see it in action, when you see the government approval rather than just "knowing" subconsciously that it is happening.
The Chicken Coop Council, based on approval from the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Economics with subsidies, is paying its member farmers to not raise additional chickens, in order to prevent the price of chickens from dropping for the consumer.
Paying Twice For Your Chicken
Additionally, the Minister of Agriculture has decided, at least for now, to keep the egg quotas exactly the same as last year - no additional eggs allowed. Remember the egg shortage around Pesach time this past year? Despite the growing population, the local egg growers are only allowed to grow the same amount as last year, ensuring that at some point we will suffer another shortage - unless other ministers open up the market for imports. That is besides for keeping the price of eggs from dropping, and probably actually causing them to increase.
So, at least with the chickens (I dont think the egg people are getting paid extra for not growing more eggs), we get to pay twice. First we are paying taxes that are being given to the chicken farmers to not raise chickens, and then we are paying artificially high prices for chicken in the supermarket and at the butcher because of all the chickens that are not being sold.
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