Paying Gov't Tax Or Donation for a needy:Which One is Your Choice?

Posted on the 27 May 2016 by Abhirup Lahiri @tweetabhirup

What if I have been given a chance to opt between paying wilful tax to government of our nation or donating the amount rightfully to an organisation for needy::

A debate on Paying wilful tax to government or rightfully donating an organisation

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I read an article few days ago on ET Wealth - "To get more to pay tax, make structure simple'.
I liked & appreciate the perspective of the writer, I have also followed up to realize that it had traction on many like-minded readers as they have had positive feedbacks & logical opinions to follow it up, as like me.
Here in my blog, I want to put in my perspective view on what if I have been given a chance to opt between paying wilful tax to the government of our nation or donating the amount rightfully to an organisation for needy.
I would definitely opt for the second, i.e., Donate the sum of money to a rightful institution for the help of needy.
As I consciously put my viewpoint above, I will justify it with points which I believe rational.
First of all, I just want to put a disclaimer, that I am an honest taxpayer and have no issues in following the implemented policies of the land, but this is just my opinion if I was given a chance to make a choice on the above topic.

Let's start with my justification:

  • A. I believe that a big portion of our hard earned money that is paid to the government as the tax is mostly misused by the tainted ministers ruling the nation, they do not even care about the welfare of its citizens(to a broader perspective) who elects them to govern. In fact - I find them, they know how to twist the system to win the election(which is their core goal)

  • B. Secondly, instead if I spent that much amount to an honest welfare institute for the support of the needy peoples (who are also a very part of our society). It will evenly serve value to the nation as well, so what's wrong !

Many people now, might start asking me for the self-return (on the money spent) by such act apart from the honorary service.
Yes, I have a set of direct or indirect self-return for taking this initiative. (Taking care of your self- interest as well, laughs...)

  • 1. Once you take a positive initiative to selflessly help others in need, you gradually build a level of unmatched confidence and a natural refreshment or good feeling within yourself (which I felt number of times as and when I consciously did some good or input some value to anyone's proposition) trust me it works, the moral boost in the course of your life's journey.

  • 2. Many have a feeling that money is their all-time asset, it's true but I have a question to ask them, can you protect your money from losing or let me rephrase the other way, can you give a guarantee that money will stay with you for a lifetime in any situation. 

Let's consider you are one of them who does a lot of calculations to put  your money in right & secured account possible, but still are your money safe from losing, I don't think so! Let's assume you or any of your close, encounter an almost fatal accident or illness in coming days,(hope it doesn't happen to anyone) wouldn't you pull out all your money possible from those secured accounts to save your nearest or dearest person if possible. So we can't say money is protected although it's an asset.
So we need to understand the concept to be happy in life, we need to understand how alternately we can invest money as a possible asset, donating or contributing to honest organizations who work for needy individuals, can be a source of goodwill (a natural asset), a hope of return (morally or any possibly manner) when you are at the low point in life - you can ask for help as you are already done your part when your life was on strong hold, isn't it!
Sincerely, I believe it boomerangs at some point of time in your life, whether you do good or bad - it comes back as a return gift (in most cases we don't realize... laughs...).
  • 3. A donation also has some benefit in your income tax too (Do consult any legal advisor/tax-lawyer do get a better idea).

  • 4. Donating funds or contributing at a rightful intent at schools for needy students, old age institutions, disabled individuals can raise a lot of possibilities to the nation, and if my surroundings get organically fitter for tomorrow, then living inside that environment will be so much worth living. Not only that as a wilful contributor you get to own trust of your society you live, they start to recognize you as better human being.

So now tell me, isn't that seem like an asset to you, did you even think like this way before, do share your opinion, I am willing to hear from you. 
If you like my opinion for a better reason or feel the same way, then please Share the knowledge in your circle on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pin it on Pinterest with like-minded people, because I also believe Sharing is Caring .

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