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Paul-Rondo Swap in the Works?

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
Paul-Rondo swap in the works?Speculation or not, this story is somewhat of a shock to me. As I was browsing through twitter last night, I came across a very peculiar note coming from Vincent Goodwill of Well you've all probably heard the news coming from ESPN, but there are brewing rumors about a possible Rondo-CP3 swap... What?
"The likelihood that the NBA will trade Paul from the Hornets without getting Russell Westbrook from the Thunder or Rondo in return is very low. Stern won't send him to the Knicks and you can take that to the bank." A source of mine told me when I brought this to their attention.
Where did we get the CP3-Westbrook swap idea? Here.
Anyway, back to this tweet: here's the tweet.
But, CP3 is claims he won't sign an extension if dealt. (Let's be honest here, people is sports are told to lie all the time when it comes to the media and contractual events. What? Urban Meyer did it...)
Yea this is coming out of Detroit.
But the buzz seems to be in Boston. Or at least on ESPN?
More coming on this developing story later.
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Paul-Rondo swap in the works?Darin Ford is our Editor-In-Chief and main contributor. You can find all of his work here on Officially Hoops by clicking on his archive link.**

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