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Paul Helmke's Parting Remarks

Posted on the 07 July 2011 by Mikeb302000
 The Journal Gazette of Fort Wayne Indiana reports
Paul Helmke's Parting Remarks
“We needed more people at the local level talking to their elected congressional representatives,” he said. “Even in northeast Indiana, there’s a lot of folks I know who agree with me on these things. I hear from them. They are NRA members, they are gun owners. But they agree with the specifics I talk about. But somehow I haven’t in northeast Indiana translated that into pressure on (former Rep. Mark Souder and Rep. Marlin Stutzman) sufficient to convince them. And that’s the same thing multiplied in congressional districts throughout the country.
“I came from the local level, and I see the power in change in Washington is coming from the local level, and I wasn’t able to translate that idea into juice at the local level to get it done. Looking back, I probably should have put more emphasis on that more quickly and started building at the local level … get our numbers up a little higher than they are now.”

Not to worry, Paul, that's exactly where we come in, grass-roots level carrying of the message.
The pro-gun bloggers and antagonistic commenters that we seem to have so many of are really a tiny percentage of what's out there. Many gun owners agree with the sensible gun control laws we're talking about. I predict a turnaround within the next five years.
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