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Pattern and Perception in Abstract Art

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

The new format I'm working in makes me think of patterns and perception in abstract art.  How much does the shape of a canvas or paper influence the final painting?  When does a pattern equal design or decoration rather than fine art?

When I'm working on a square canvas, my art tends to be most non-objective, non-representational, and exploratory.  A horizontal canvas often leads me to an image with the feel of landscape.  A vertical shape seems the most restrictive, and sometimes leads me to images of nature as well. 

The series of paintings I'm working on now are in extreme vertical format:  48" long by 8" or 10" wide.  They seem to compel me to a patterned image, rich in color but more decorative than exploratory.  Perhaps in time I'll find my way to a deeper exploration of composition in this format.


  Tall Canvas #9, 8" x 48" acrylic on canvas.

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