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Patio Awnings

By Canvasgirl

Patio awnings are a fantastic practical but decorative feature to add to your house or commercial property. PYC Awnings can adorn your house with custom made awnings to fit any size of wall or patio. Their patio awnings not only look good but they provide great cover from theRetractable Awnings elements, be it during a strong shower or the heat of the midday sun.

It is so nice to be able to enjoy a nice lunch out on the patio or entertain friends and family, but Mother Nature isn’t always so accommodating. Even with the threat of showers though, breakfast, lunch and dinner can still be enjoyed under the shelter of patio awnings. They also provide excellent relief from the sun on a particularly hot day if required.

For example you might have invited friends around for a barbeque but on the day itself the weather is showery. You can still have the barbeque under the shelter of the patio awning without having to worry about rushing food back into the house to stop it getting wet.

The same is true of corporate events where patio awnings can ensure clients will enjoy your hospitality with no fear of the rain or the heat of the sun spoiling the occasion. In fact patio awnings are a great addition to the outside of a restaurant or hotel, where guests can dine outside and enjoy the views come rain or shine.

Retractable patio awnings provide a very cost effective way of shading a deck or patio in the back yard. Some customers are keen to install awnings as just an ornate feature for the house. However, retractable patio awnings can essentially provide a more affordable way to expand your outdoor living space.

In effect a patio awning can offer you an additional room to your house or commercial property. Not only that, but this option is considerably cheaper than adding a conservatory or another permanent construction to the building. It is quick and easy to install and will not involve the inconvenience of several days or weeks of building work.

Good patio awnings also accentuate the features of the building and can help beautify the outside of the property. Various different colors can be chosen to help achieve this improvement to the look of the house, restaurant or store. In fact the colors of patio awnings also serve different purposes. For example bright colored awnings will bring an additional feeling of warmth, whilst blue striped canvases might be better for a shaded environment.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, patio awnings are very easy to use with the option of having a motorized system or a more conventional hand crank. Either way, you can respond quickly to the changing weather by rolling out your awning or retracting it to enjoy the benefits of the sun. Choosing retractable patio awnings as opposed to permanent fixed ones will stop the canvass being damaged during inclement weather. It’s a simple way to enjoy the outdoor life for as much of the year as possible.

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