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By Latoya @latoyallawrence

134218_lobbyCaulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed

Shannon Lee Wolf or shall I say Sharon is going crazy.

She has repeatedly visited my site. She had also alerted a few other of her associates (her partners in crime).

The bitch is in a panic yet she is playing the circumstances off.

Sharon attempts in vain to manipulate the situation that she is in. Putting up a public front and display. Sharon is not a strong and unique person.

She is just a phony weak liar.

Sharon/Shannon is not fooling anyone over here. (I am way ahead of you bitch!)

Sharon’s shit is all hanging out there.

The lengths that she will go through to cover up her tracks just to make her lies appear even the more legitimate.

As usual she has to use her facebook page as a means of  support (a crutch).

A place to build up her false sense of purpose and credibility. And to “prove” to those who are gullable enough to believe in her, or to those who are just pretending to believe in all of the bullshit that she is portraying.

While I have a real and productive life to live and enjoy with plenty of security along down the line Sharon has to continue on with her cons.

I just wish she’d stop following my blog and stop worrying about me and what I write about. She needs to mind her own business and get a life of her own. No one over here cares about her or her existence. She serves no true value or importance.

Instead of putting on airs of being content and laughing things off knowing damn well that she hasn’t got a pot to piss in she needs to be out looking for a job instead of looking for ways to hustle over the internet.

Fifty year old bitch has nothing to show for anything but a funky fat ass. Who and what does she plan to live off of for the rest of her life?

Oh I know, Sharon is the co founder of “Vermont Peace Barbecue Sauce” the first sauce made by caulbearers!!!!!

Sharon needs not to pretend to laugh at anyone or anything because she is a mockery within herself.

If I were able to delete this sick bitch from my site’s subscription I would, unfortunately that option is currently not available.

Anyway, here is the latest in her transparent ploys.

The Curious Caul
Surreal how some people will launch cyber hate attacks on you from the dark shadows of anonymity, and always on the safety of their own turf. A self propelled whirling blackness they create — shadow boxing at it’s worst.


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