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Pastrami and Corned Beef on Their Way to Israel?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Most meat in Israel is imported from South America, with some coming from Europe a little bit from local Israeli sources. No meat is imported from the USA.
That is about to change.
Breitbart is reporting that Israel has lifted the ban on American beef that has been in effect since 2003. The ban was was implemented as a result of the discovery of a case of mad cow disease.
Pastrami and Corned beef on their way to Israel?
The first shipment of American beef is alreayd on its way, coming from WR Reserve in Nebraska.
The owner, Fishel Ziggelheim, commented on his enthusiasm in supplying the State of Israel with the highest level of beef in both quality and kashrut.
I do wonder if American beef will be reasonably priced and comparable to beef from Sotuh America, or if "highest quality and highest kashrut" is also a code word for highest price.
I don't know if the ban was only on raw beef or if it included deli meats as well, but I am hoping that we will see the beginning of imports of American deli meats.
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