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Pastor Chris Hill Reportedly Jailed In Atlanta

By Firstladyb

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Pastor Chris Hill Reportedly Jailed In Atlanta
Pastor Chris Hill is reportedly sitting in a jail cell in Atlanta.

According to a now deleted Instagram post from the former Pastor of The Potters House Denver, he was taken into custody at Hartsfield Atlanta airport six days ago.

I am dictating this post from behind the gates of the Clayton County jail in Atlanta Georgia. I committed no crime, I’ve missed no court dates, I have no record, not even a parking ticket. I have not been charged or accused of any crime. Yet the sun is setting on the 6th day that I have been behind these bars. On the night of December 31st, I was flying to go on a 4-week mission in Africa starting @rhema_sa one of the largest churches in South Africa. While walking to board my 2nd plane at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport I was arrested and detained by 5 customs and border patrol officers as a fugitive of justice, again with no charge no record, no warrant and no record in history.

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After being held there for hours I was then picked up by the Atlanta PD, handcuffed and walked through the airport by far one of the most demoralizing moments of my life. Then I was taken to Clayton County Jail. My team now has hired 3 attorneys Colorado, Texas & Atlanta to discover that there is a bogus warrant that has not been properly filed and so enabling my legal team’s ability to fight whatever this is. Now the municipal court of Arlington Texas from where this all originates is pointing the finger to Atlanta and vice versa.

I am not a flight risk nor fugitive nor have I ever been. I have my 15-year-old son and my 74-year-old mother who is sick with Alzheimer’s who I am responsible for. I was just on my way to do my missions work. I am asking for your support, prayers, and that you do anything in your power to contact both the city of Arlington municipal court and or the Clayton County sheriff’s office in Atlanta Georgia to either give me a charge or release me. My friends, colleagues or anyone who cares about justice help me get out of jail. #freechrishill

At the time of his arrest, Hill was headed out of the country to minister at a conference in South Africa.

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