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Pastels and Hardware

By Astylizedhysteria

This is one of my weirder outfits. It’s baby blue eyeshadow and giant spike earrings. Pastel jeans tucked into combat boots. I don’t even think it’s a case of opposing styles coming together, like leather and lace. No, it’s just a mismatch of my favorite things right now. Some women crave babies, or chocolate, or coffee. Lately I’ve been craving super bright baby blue eyeshadow. I can’t even begin to explain that craving!



This could not be a post of my favorite things without a cat somewhere, right?


As for the crazy spike earrings? A gift from the ever-creative Holly. Check out her blog soon for DIY instructions- apparently they’re easy to make!

sweater- Aiko
jeans- Forever21
boots- Steve Madden


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