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Pastel Fog on the Hudson River

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
My mind seems to be on hiatus for the moment, so writing is temporarily on hold. But I can still post photos. Here's another RGB (red-green-blue) series. It's a foggy day in Hoboken.
I like taking flicks in the fog. Why? Isn't it obvious? It's a whole different world in the fog. Softer, obviously. Conducive to the practice of minimal photography: what's the least obtrusive mark you can capture that will signify a photograph?
20151202-P1110790 grd1
20151202-P1110790 grd2
20151202-P1110790 grd3
And here's the original, that is, a rendering with minimal manipulation:
That's pretty close to being a monochrome photo. But if you look close you can see some color in the furled sail of the middle boat.

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