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Passover Or Easter and First-time Grandparents-Part Two

By Sandwichedboomers @SandwichBoomers


 As we’re in the midst of Passover and Easter is about to begin, this week family is at the forefront. As a first-time grandparent you must be easing into your new role.  So see if these practical ideas help:

Respect your children. A lot has changed since your parenting days. There are new theories and techniques. Don’t assume that, just because you did it in a certain way, it’s the best. When you hold back, you’ll notice how capable your kids are and how lovingly they care for your grandchildren.

Notice how you feel. Find a balance between satisfying your own needs and your grand-parenting role and responsibilities. Don’t commit to babysit and then feel like they’re taking advantage. It’s OK to set limits that work for you.

Talk about the challenges. You’ll all be more comfortable if you don’t let issues that bother you fester. But don’t count on the results you want. Often the fact that there’s conversation is more important than the outcome.

As you reconnect around the table, be mindful of the joy a baby brings to the family. And remember that, just like you spent years raising your children, now it’s their turn. Be patient. You’ll soon gain their trust and have a second chance to make a difference. A fringe benefit? A good relationship with your kids is an investment for the future because, you never know, they may eventually be taking care of you.


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