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Pashkevil of the Day

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Pashkevil of the Day
the pashkevil makes some interesting points. It talks about nude and skin colored tights and stockings being prohibited and causing the shechina to leave us, yet it has been spreading among us. As well, manufacturers are now using thinner threads so you cannot rely on the listed denier measurement. One must ensure that the stockings completely block out any skin and skin color from being visible, and that is not a chumra but is the basic halacha. The warning is also for store owners selling stockings, not just the women buying them.
And the final interesting part, at the bottom of the poster, says that the seminaries are ignoring the issue. It says the seminaries are forcing the students to wear specifically skin-colored stockings and claiming that the black stockings are immodest. This is the opposite of intellect, the opposite of logic and the opposite of Torah.
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