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Pashkevil of the Day

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I stopped posting interesting pashkevils a while back, largely because I stopped reading them, along with the local Bet Shemesh newspapers. And, I have to admit, I am far happier because of it. Ignorance is bliss. Ignore much of the idiocy.
This pashkevil went up around Bet Shemesh yesterday and is a worthy exception...
Pashkevil of the Day
the pashkevil blasts the mayor, Moshe Abutbol, for repeatedly giving out fines and demands of removal to people in the community who hang signs on their porches against the IDF draft decree and for those hanging tzniyus signs requesting passerby dress appropriately - something that even the secular mayor of Jerusalem does not do. With the residents ignoring the fines and simply throwing them in the garbage, the Iryah sent inspectors to remove the signs. Inspectors accompanied by policemen beat up people who started to protest and even arrested 2 avreichim who are important talmidei chachomim and beat them up...
I am impressed that the city under Moshe Abutbol is regularly sending inspectors to remove the offensive signs from the porches and fine those who do not. I would hope that throwing away the notice does not absolve them of the fine but one day hotzaah lapoel will show up and arrest them for lots of unpaid debt or confiscate their belongings...
I would note that last night in the wee hours of the morning the police raided RBS B and arrested four people - 2 for previous activities that included overturning a police car, and 2 more for attacking police during the raid.
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