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Pashkevil Calling for Murder

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
a pashkevil of sorts was distributed around some Haredi areas of Jerusalem that calls for Haredi draftees to the IDF to kill female soldiers, to kill anybody involved in recruiting or drafting in the army, to kill any commander, and even to kill oneself, as the din of "yaharog v'al yaavor" requires.
pashkevil calling for murder
The pashkevil is not signed, and is not even designed like the normal pashkevil put out by the Haredim who normally do these things.
There are all sorts of theories and/or accusations out there, and I am not going to feign any guesses as to who is behind this, but I will just say it looks like it isn't the people who normally do these things, and it might very well just be one evil person.
I hope the police and army police investigate, find the guy and prosecute to the fullest for incitement and for any other law he might have transgressed in the process, but I would not give too much significance to the piece of trash who put out the piece of trash, as he does not seem to have the regular anti-Zionist and anti-IDF organizations behind him. What he did is evil, but he is just one idiot doing something idiotic - he surely has no/little public influence, considering the style of the pashkevil.
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