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Pashkevil Against Kids Book of Comix

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Rav Moshe Mordechai Karp is a posek and dayan in Kiryat Sefer - Modiin Ilit, and has been involved in (led?) a number of social battles for the Haredi community, such as the fight against women wearing wigs to cover their hair, the use of Shabbos elevators, the Internet, and others. Now Rabbi Karp is taking on the latest enemy - children's books. Actually, a specific children's booklet.
pashkevil against kids book of comixSigns are going up signed by [Rav] Moshe Mordechai Karp against a children's book called Albumix - The Amazons 1 (this is a booklet that is also a sticker album). Karp says that from what he has seen of this book, it is very dangerous for our pure children - much more dangerous even than missionary books attempting to take our children away..
The book is bad and you need to get rid of it if you already bought it, but, Rabbi Karp says, you should not even return it to the store - as someone else will then buy it and you are assisting them in stumbling. You need to just destroy it, get rid of it. People should be careful and check all the booklets entering your home. 
He includes a couple of pages from the booklet. I assume these show some sort of offensive content, but I was unable to read any of it.
1. Forewarned is forearmed.. if this bothers you, know in advance not to buy it. If you do buy it and then regret it, he says you cannot return it but must get rid of it.
2. Avraham Ohayoun, the author, has put out 300 books, including 50 books of comix similar to this one and is referred to (based on an Internet search) as Harav Avraham Ohayoun, and on at least some of his books uses the title HaRav, though on this one it looks like he does not. This is not a book written by some troublemaker, unknown to the community, that might have nefarious motives. Not that this makes the book necessarily good and kosher, but he has a good reputation and probably deserves the benefit of the doubt.
3. Did the author not pay the necessary protection money to have his book approved by whatever askan brought this to Rab Karp's attention? I don't know.
4. The real crime of this book, and of similar books is that it makes our kids dumb. These comix make our kids not want to read real books that are not illustrated like a comic book.
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