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Party Up Your Outfit with Pom Poms with 4 Super Easy Make-it-Yourself Accessories

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

I love making accessories. They really do add interest and fun to any outfit. I've created lots of bead necklaces before, but this time I thought I'd experiment with some different materials. So I've been inspired to play with pom poms as they are such an on-trend item in fashion currently.

From decorating sandals (pom pom embellished sandals are super expensive in stores, but you can make your own for a fraction of the cost and I will show you how!), to creating pom pom necklaces in a variety of styles and colours to suit your different moods and outfits. I've got 4 step-by-step activities to share with you here.

These projects are so easy, even the novice will be able to make them and March is National Craft Month so there is no better time to start having fun and join the M.I.Y (make it yourself) movement!

Spotlight is hosting all sorts of crafting activities during the month of March, both online and in-store.

Party Up Your Outfit with Pom Poms with 4 Super Easy Make-it-Yourself Accessories

Join Me and have a Pom Pom Party

Materials for all projects available from Spotlight Stores nationally and you can order all the necessary items online and make them in the luxury of your home.

You will need a set of jewellery pliers (available at Spotlight) for all the necklaces.

Funky Felt and Pom Pom Necklace

Party Up Your Outfit with Pom Poms with 4 Super Easy Make-it-Yourself Accessories
You will need:
  • Felt in colours of your choice
  • Chain link
  • Necklace Clasp
  • Small pom poms
  • 2 x Eye Pins
  • Needle and Thread
Party Up Your Outfit with Pom Poms with 4 Super Easy Make-it-Yourself Accessories

Step 1: Mark felt and cut strips evenly.

Step 2: Cut felt strips to desired lengths. Create two pieces of chain in desired length and attach clasp to one end. Thread a needle with cotton the same colour as your pom poms.

Step3: Thread one pom pom onto one of the eye pins then trim the end of the pin so there is only enough left to form a small loop. Repeat with the other eye pin.

Step 4: Place the end of one piece of the chain onto the eye pin then twist a loop around it so that the chain is attached to one pom pom. Repeat with the other piece of chain and pom pom on the other eye pin.

Step 6: Repeat your pattern sewing through all the folded felt pieces and pom poms until you have reached the other pom pom with the chain attached.

Party Up Your Outfit with Pom Poms with 4 Super Easy Make-it-Yourself Accessories

I also made one in the colours of teal and turquoise. I layered two strips of different coloured felt in each loop to create a slightly different look.

Party Up Your Outfit with Pom Poms with 4 Super Easy Make-it-Yourself Accessories
Make Your Own Pom Pom Embellished Sandals

  • Strappy sandals (BYO)
  • Club house pom poms
  • Braid
  • Helmars Craft Glue (or other waterproof craft glue)

Step 1: Cut braid slightly longer (enough to fold up a small hem) to fit one strap of your sandals. Then apply a dab of glue to each end of the braid, turn under a hem and apply a peg to each end to hold it together until dry.

Step 2: Apply a line of glue to the strap of the sandal you want to add the braid, pressing down the braid, and pegging at each end until the glue has dried.

Step 3: Apply dots of glue to the straps, and stick down the pom poms. Allow to dry.

Step 4: Wear your new pom pom party shoes!

Pom Pom Party Necklace

  • Crafters choice eye pins
  • Club house pom poms
  • Ribtex suede or leather jewellery string 2.5mm
  • Crafters choice lobster clasp
  • Jump ring
  • Helmar craft glue

Step 1: Cut a length of the leather string four times the desired length of the necklace.

Party Up Your Outfit with Pom Poms with 4 Super Easy Make-it-Yourself Accessories

Step 2: Thread around 10 Crafters Choice Eye Pins on to the leather string leaving gaps between each string.

Step 3: Fold the leather string into quarters, that is half, then half again (this will be the final length of the necklace). Open a jump ring and thread it through the two loop layers at one end of the string, at the other end thread the jump ring around the one loop of string, the two ends of the string will be at this end.

Step 4: Cut a small length of leather and tie it firmly around the end of the necklace just below the jump ring to stop it from moving. Apply a small dot of glue to the knot to ensure it doesn't come undone. Trim off the ends of the string.

Step 5: Thread pom poms through the centre, onto the eye pins.

Step 6: Clip the ends of the eye pins to size using jewellery pliers, leaving just enough end to form a small circle.

Step 7: Bend the eye pins around an adjacent piece of the leather so the pom pom is attached to two pieces of the leather.

Step 8: Wear your new necklace!

Simple Tassel and Pom Pom Necklace

  • Ribtex Fringe tassels and accessories
  • Crafters choice eye pins
  • Club house pom poms
Party Up Your Outfit with Pom Poms with 4 Super Easy Make-it-Yourself Accessories

Step 6: Thread chain onto eye pin, then using your needle nose pliers, twist the eye pin around the chain to form a loop that holds the pom pom onto the chain.

Voila! Another fabulous and super easy M.I.Y necklace!

Party Up Your Outfit with Pom Poms with 4 Super Easy Make-it-Yourself Accessories

Every time I wear mine I get asked where they're from. It's so great to be able to say "I made it myself".

Handmade pieces like these create a unique focal point on your outfits. For every day and special occasions, statement accessories are the icing on your sartorial cake!

Win a Fabulous Trip

Throughout the month, Spotlight will also be giving one lucky customer the chance to WIN the ultimate craft trip of India! NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH COMPETITION THE SCHOOL LOVES INDIA - 5 DAYS IN HEAVEN

The School Loves India is happening for one week in March 2018 - the wrap up week of Holi festivities. Includes all meals, all lessons, all massages and accommodation at the beautiful Jobner Bagh in Jaipur, plus flights and airport transfers. Guided by super blogger Megan Morton, this once-in-a-lifetime trip is proudly supported by The School and Spotlight.

Five days and nights in absolute-technicolour, life-changing, Jaipur heaven. Immerse yourself in exquisite in-house lessons that include jewellery setting, photography and perfume making, integrated with a daily yoga class, private Ayurvedic massage treatments at the ridiculously beautiful Jobner Bagh. Palaces, ponies, elephants, emeralds, watercolour, chai and dreams! Jaipur provides the colour, pomp and pageantry and we have curated the five best days you could possibly experience in this incredible city of Rajasthan.

  • Daily private yoga and three Ayurvedic massages included in your stay to take at your leisure.
  • Jewellery appreciation
  • Print and pattern lesson at Bar Palladio
  • Market and Palace visit
  • Large format photography
  • Block printing workshop
  • Flights to and from Jaipur
  • Transfers to Jobner Bagh from the airport
  • Two $1000 Visa gift cards
How to Enter

Simply spend $50 in store or online and tell us in 25 words or less where you find your creative inspiration. Enter at

Entries open 1st - 31st March 2017

For full terms and conditions visit Spotlight Website

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