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Park in Modiin Ilit to Be Open to the Public

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
It only took about 7 years. An entire shmitta!
Back in 2012 I commented on a news report about an archaeological park being developed in the Haredi town of Modiin Ilit. It had been decided that when the park would open it would only be open to the Haredi public and would operate based on guidelines set by a Haredi committee - they would determine how the history would be presented. The Haredi community would set the narrative of the place.
My objection back then was with the Haredi community, especially that of Modiin Ilit but not only, fighting almost every summer with neighboring cities to allow Haredim entry into their parks, it is hypocritical to then design (with public monies) and operate a public park and not let in your secular neighbors. Don't do unto others what you would not want done to you. You don't want to be banned from their parks, don't ban them from your parks.
I don't know when the park officially opened, but Kikar is reporting that just today the mayor of Modiin Ilit, Yaakov Guterman, had all the fencing around the park removed and said that the park will be open to anybody and everybody. He specifically said that when they are demanding to be allowed entry into the Park Anabe in Modiin and fighting over that right, they cannot then go and ban the residents of Modiin (and other places) from their parks.
Good job. It was obvious seven years ago, and the friction was unnecessary, but better late than never.
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