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Parisian of the Month: Robin Meason

By Eyepreferparis88 @eyepreferparis

Robin Meason is the founder of Ritual Projects, a public relations agency that supports the growth and development of fashion and accessory designers and artists.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
I was born in a town I don’t know. Stamford, Texas.
My dad was in the oil business and so we moved almost every year so I’ve grown up all over Texas.
Were you drawn to fashion at an early age?
I don’t know if I would say I was drawn specifically to fashion or if it was more just a means of self-expression. Having said that, I can remember always being quite specific about what I wanted to wear as a child.
When and why did you move to Paris?
I moved to Paris in 1994.
I was from small towns in Texas and thirsty to move to a place that had history and learn about different cultures. While backpacking in Europe after high school graduation, I fell in love with Paris. I decided from then that I would study about Europe - minor in French and come back to live in Paris. I got my BA in International Studies focusing on Europe, headed off for Paris one month later and never looked back.
How did you get into the fashion publicity business and what was your first job?
After 6 years in Paris, I felt the need to discover something else so I left for London. I met someone who knew the owner of Kokon To Zai (Marjan Pejoski) in London. This little treasure chest of a boutique was a place in Soho where anyone from Bjork to John Galliano would walk in to buy one-of-a-kind pieces or just get inspiration. Besides sales, we also loaned pieces to fashion stylists for shoots in English magazines like The Face, i-D, Dazed & Confused. From then on I figured out, fashion PR was what I wanted to do.
What were some of your most exciting and fulfilling projects you worked on?
Without a doubt fashion film festival ASVOFF founded by icon Diane Pernet is the most exciting and fulfilling project I work on. This annual festival starts in the fall at the Centre Pompidou supporting and bringing together the truly creative in the fashion, cinema, dance, music, art, then travels literally all around the world from Vladivostok, Tokyo, New York, Mexico, Montreal, Barcelona, Milan, London, etc ...


Diane Pernet/ASVOFF/photo by Miguel Villalobos -


1-100 -

Who were the designers or people in the industry you liked working with the most and how did they influence you?
Working with Diane Pernet and her festival has given me the chance to work with people like Rossy de Palma, Michele Lamy, Daphne Guinness, William Klein, who have all achieved so much in their respective fields. When you speak with them you realize that one of the keys to success in creativity and life in general is to be curious and want always to learn and discover more.
Is the approach different in the U.S. different than Europe in terms of publicizing fashion brands?
Yes, the U.S. approach is more corporate and reaching the masses is the goal. This market is also very celebrity and red carpet- oriented. Where in Europe the approach is more about targeting the influencers and then let it trickle down to the masses. I think in Europe fashion has been a part of culture for centuries so the general public tend to be more informed.
You started your own company Ritual Projects in 2013. What is the meaning behind the name and what type of clients do you represent?
The word ritual came to mind when I was thinking of names for my company because of my appreciation of the craftsmanship that goes into work in which ever field it may be in.
Projects because I don’t work exclusively in fashion PR but also in fashion film, art, music. I wanted to keep it open.

My focus is to support and defend creativity and the people producing it in their own countries.

What do you prefer about Paris?

The art of living. A more balanced approach to life. Time is not money, it is appreciated.

Top photo of Robin Meason by Miguel Villalobos





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Parisian of the Month: Robin Meason

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