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Paris Hilton in Herve Leger at Cannes

By Covethercloset @covethercloset
paris hilton river viiperi cannes 2013 herve leger covet her closet celebrity gossip trends 2013 fashion red dress{Paris Hilton Herbe Leger Red Dress // Canes 2013Š}

First of all, why is Paris Hilton in Cannes other than that she has money to go there? Apparently, she went there with her constant little boy companion, River Viiperi for the screening of Bling Ring. She makes a cameo and portion of the film were shot in her home. This seems odd to me. She was just crying about how when she saw the movie it creeped her out that all those Bling Ring idiots broke into her home 5 times and burglarized her. 5 TIMES?! WHat is wrong with you? After the first time wouldn’t you at least buy those ADT signs from eBay to at least look like you had some sort of security system. Secondly, then after that supposedly super traumatic like experience like, 5 times, she lets anyone in the world view her home in a movie. People can case the place from their home with Netflix and a cosmo. Fame whore. Too bad Kim K was her understudy and surpassed the teacher in no time.

Either way, Paris looks totally hot in her Herve Leger red laser cutout dress.

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