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Parenting - It's a Climb

By Chaayen
I thought he might be too young. But we managed to find a bouldering place for kids - BFF Climb and he could climb. Honestly, I think I might have more fun than him (a parent is required to tag along) and it took a little cajoling before he made his first ascent. But I did realize that there were many learning points which we can impart to our kids from bouldering. 
  • Problem Solving: Given his height, he is bound to have some trouble climbing up. It was a great opportunity for him to explore other options. I would ask him probing questions i.e. Do you want to try this boulder? Maybe Mummy can support you from the side?
Parenting - It's a Climb
  • Perseverance: There were many times he wanted to give up. With a bit of encouragement here and there, he actually managed to climb all the way up (for the mini slides). And every time he succeeded, I would point out to him that he made it and he could do it. 

  • To give a try: For the longest time, he was also pretty adamant on just climbing and sliding down the mini slide (without using fully the harness). My kiddo tends to be a bit more hesitant and risk-adverse, hence I feel like I need to play the role to push him out of his comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with his dormant personality but at his more impressionable age, I would like to play a more balancing role so that he has the courage to venture and explore (should he wants to) in future. 

  • Being a role model: So I actually challenged myself to climb and beat my own timing, with my kid cheering for me down below. It was at this point I realised the importance of being a role model. I can't just push him out of his zone and challenge him to achieve if I was not giving him the impression I was doing it. I am proud to say "I beat myself and achieved the goals I set for myself"
Parenting - It's a Climb
I came out feeling immensely proud of both myself and my kid, and it is an awesome feeling. Would definitely see myself making a trip there again. By the way, BFF Climb has awesome staff that helped to look after my kid when I made my climbs. I never really see myself as much of a bouldering person. But I guess I am wrong :P

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