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Parenting FAIL Friday: A Destructive, Yet Photographic, Journey.

By Mediocremom @mediocre_mom

If you’ve read my about page, you know that Smush is basically joy and life balled up into an adorable package of wonderfulness.

That, and she breaks things. All the things. My family now lovingly refers to her as Wreck-It-Ralph because she so passionately enjoys breaking things. Yesterday I tried to have coloring time with my littles. Smush waited for Goo and I to color, then scribbled on our pictures. She doesn’t want to scribble on her own paper. We’ve tried that. She wants to ruin ours. Every. single. time.  This is all she wants to do. We build towers, she knocks them down. We paint pictures, she leaves hand prints all over them. She likes to destroy things.

Side note: Are there toys or activities that embrace this? Because most “girl” toys seem to think they all want to cover the world in glitter and rainbows, and I’m pretty sure Smush would rather, you know, blow it up.

She’s had multiple episodes of this mass destruction over the past few weeks. Some of which I forgot to photograph because I was so blinded by rage. Like the time she proudly announced, “Mommy, come look at your new rug! It’s blue and sparkly!” She dumped an entire tube of glitter glue on my new shag area rug. So you know, there’s that. And all of these:


This is the opening to the old central vacuum line in the house we rent. Shoved inside is an old pizza crust. I’m not sure what else we would find in there, but I’m really glad it doesn’t turn on.


This is Goo’s most beloved sweatshirt of all time. In my grandmother’s toilet. Nice, Smush. Real nice.


This is a bathtub full of water. In it are a few of Punkin’s books. The ones she reads over and over again. Or at least used to.


If your car is making weird noises, make sure the mechanic checks for sparkly pink headbands shoved in the grill. You’ll thank me later.


These are my most favorite wooden spatulas. The ones I splurged on and ordered from Pampered Chef because they’re bamboo and wonderful. I couldn’t find them for 3 weeks. Probably because I forgot to look under the leaf pile in that weird tunnel thing in the backyard. Silly me.


This is a toy phone. It was purchased in Mexico nearly 30 years ago, when I was a little minion. It survived play and abuse from me, Punkin, and Goo. Smush’s first encounter with it? This happened.

What can I say? She has a gift.

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