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Paper Games: Aircraft

Posted on the 24 February 2017 by Rockmobi

Welcome to the PAPER GAMES: AIRCRAFT world!
It is a famous and beloved paper game that many people have played. Now it comes to your phone.
– Play together on one device;
– Play against AI with different difficulty levels;
– Turn-based combat system;
– Exclusive “paper style” design

This game used to have millions of fans all over the world, because one only needed paper and pens or pencils to play it. There were different names for it in different countries. In some places they called it “Airplanes”, in others – “Ships”, “Dots” or “Crosses”. It was played along with classics like “Battleships”, tic-tac-toe, “Tanks” and “Hangman”. It was popular when there were no smartphones or tablets, but now it is available on mobile devices. And we are glad for the return of the legend.

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