Pamper Introduces Internet-connected Diapers with Lumi

Posted on the 19 July 2019 by Vinhta

Perhaps to make early parenting a little easier, Pampers has brought us the Lumi system to let parents know if their baby just peed in the diaper and more.

The care package consists of two diapers with detachable sensors, a Wi-Fi-connected camera, and a downloadable mobile app.

Let's start with the activity sensor. In short, it provides sleep tracking and alerts the user if it detects an abnormal amount of wetness on the diaper.

However, while the sensor suite seems like a plug-and-play solution that could turn any diaper into a smart one, it unfortunately only works on Lumi-optimized products. Stressed-out parents also need to fall back to the sniff test sometimes because it can't tell if their baby just pooped.

The bundled camera offers a wide-angle, encrypted 1080p birds-eye view to the Pamper's app over the internet. It would also relay all the measured data from the camera and the activity sensor.

When it comes to the app, the software provides an at-a-glance information tap showing sleep cycles, the number of wet diapers and more. The more important part, however, is that the app can categorize the data and make it shareable to pediatricians.

Pampers didn't reveal pricing details for the Lumi system, although it is confirmed to launch this fall.

Source: Pampers

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