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Palestinian Dates

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Osher Ad was selling dates produced by Palestine.
The box clearly marked them as Palestinian dates, and also had marking that said "Palestinian Dawn", which people said means "Free Palestine".
Palestinian Dates
This turned into a big deal on the Internet. All over people expressed their revulsion at the idea of buying such a product and supporting Palestinian terror.
I heard on the radio this afternoon that Osher Ad has said they are removing these dates from their shelves. The brouhaha got the job done.
I wonder though how different this is than the BDS. We do not want people boycotting us, and we call it immoral. We do not like the EU's decision to label Israeli products with special markings so people can easily decide not to buy certain products (specifically from the West Bank).
So, we do not want them boycotting us, but it is ok for us to boycott them?
That is my question besides for the question of why it was ok to eat yevul nochri (read: mostly Palestinian produce) for the entire past year (forgetting about the Palestinian produce we eat without knowing it during non-shmitta years), but now these dates are taboo?
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