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Paleo Freezer Meals: 13 Tips for Easy Paleo Freezer Meals

By Grayson Hayes @cavemandietblog
easy paleo freezer meals banner

easy paleo freezer meals banner

13 Tips for Easy Paleo Freezer Meals

It is Monday morning, and you are already running late for work.  As you reach inside your refrigerator, the coldness that you feel does not come from the temperature inside, but from the horrible realization that you, simply, have no proper food to eat.

Desperate, you grab whatever you see, whether it is nice to eat, or not.  You lie to yourself saying that you will eat whatever you were able to take, and that you will make good food choices, regardless of what you picked. Then, hunger hits.  The junk machine calls. The workplace orders take out.  You still have nothing for lunch.

What do you think will happen next?

Easy Paleo Freezer Meals

Here’s a way to save yourself from this scenario. Prepare ahead, cook ahead, store ahead, and freeze ahead.  Make it fun by using plastic trays that resemble store-bought takeout meals. You will never have the issue of wondering what to have for lunch. Most importantly, your Paleo lifestyle will have zero drawbacks caused by bad planning.

  1. Marinade

Whether it is chicken wings, breasts, pork chops, ribs or any other Paleo-licious meats from our allowed group, make a habit to take the meat out of its packaging, and store it in a container where you can marinade it with fruit juices, apple sauce, or other natural flavors.

  1. Make time goals

Time yourself. Refrigerated meat has a shelf time of about 5 days. Within those five days, dice, cut, season and store. Just time yourself, and we will show you what to do next.

  1. Make a food palette

Once you have decided how to spread out the refrigerator life of your food, pick a meal for each day. For example:  1 casserole,  1 soup,  1 salad,  1 breakfast meal,  1 snack,  and 1 appetizer. If you can figure out a way to make one package of meat into 1 meal of each of these categories, you can cook faster, with purpose, and you can also freeze sooner.  Do not freeze the salad, of course.

  1. Make room for snacks

Take a day to make nothing but paleo snacks. Think about it. If one day you happen to leave your lunch, at least you can grab a satisfying snack to hold you over until dinner. The more, the merrier.

  1. Don’t forget the stock

Bone marrow beef stock can be used to make so many things that all you need to do is boil one over, and then freeze it on ice cube trays. Each cube can be used as a bouillon cube, and can season any meal.

  1. Freeze-by-plates

Again, think about how you want to spread your meats, and what you want to serve along with them. If you decide to go with heavy hitters, such as green beans, collard greens, cauliflower, or even Japanese yam noodles (a form of Shirataki), you can just prepare each green group separately, one after the other, and then add the meat to each plate.  Freeze each plate, and wrap them up nicely.

  1. The casserole connection

Brussel sprouts, squash, spaghetti squash, cauliflower, pumpkin and other delicious vine products make Paleo casseroles way too delicious. If you are making a super Paleo casserole with meat and veggies, slice it or scoop bowls of it so that you can store them in the freezer and take out whenever hunger strikes.

  1. Eggs-tremely awesome

Egg dishes may not freeze over as well as you may want, but a quiche can last up to 4 days in your refrigerator is stored properly. That means 4 days’ worth of breakfast without having to stop at the drive through. That saves you calories…and lots of money.

  1. Don’t forget the pizza!

With so many Paleo pizza options, you definitely have a chance to freeze and use whenever you want, just like the store-bought kind.

  1. Other things that also freeze

You may know that Girl Scout cookies are famous for being easy to freeze for up to six months. So are Paleo cookies. Made with fresh ingredients and zero preservatives, they may not last half a year (be concerned if they do), but you can certainly take out some of the freezer and enjoy them.

  1. Frozen fruit, anyone?

Remember that fruit also freezes quite nicely and tastes just like candy. Sometimes we want a treat, and not a meal. Grapes, raspberries, strawberries and cherries are fantastic fruits to eat frozen.

  1. Ice cream is frozen too!

Coconut milk Paleo ice-cream rocks. You can make piles of it and keep them in the freezer when the sweet tooth attacks. Always keep it handy. Paired with frozen fruits, it is the best dessert you will ever have.

  1. Be creative and colorful!

Use fun containers that are either recyclable, or easy to wash and use again. Do not go with fancy storage containers or else you may feel turned off with having to clean up after all your cooking.  Make festive plates with names and labels. Be the envy of your work place. Most importantly, continue to enjoy your Paleo meals, and making excellent choices for yourself!

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