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Pak Pong Ju Visits Hu’ngnam Port

Posted on the 04 October 2016 by Michael_nklw @Michael_NKLW

Pak Pong Ju tours Hu’ngnam Ports Photo: KCNA

DPRK state media reported on October 2, 2016 (Sunday) that State Affairs Commission Vice Chairman and DPRK Premier, Pak Pong Ju, toured Hu’ngnam Port. He learned “about the departure of freight ships and the loading of cement and encouraged the workers and Hamhung citizens, who turned out to quickly send more cement to the flood-hit area.” A consultative meeting was held where they discussed “organizing equipment and technical management to keep harbor cranes in full-capacity operation, and ensuring rail freight transport for boosting the transport of materials to the flood-hit area by freight ships.” He also toured the February 8 Vinalon Complex, the Hu’ngnam Fertilizer Complez, the Ryongsong Machine Complex and the Hu’ngnam Terminal Factory “to take measures to put production of vinalon on a normal footing, to provide…enough materials for repairing facilities.”


Pak Pong Ju tours Hu’ngnam Port Photo: KCNA

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