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…paint with All the Colors of the Wind

By Zer @the2women
…paint with all the colors of the wind


Wait, wait, wait…something’s wrong here.

That title is clearly a nod to the quite often overlooked (albeit historically inaccurate) Disney princess classic Pocahontas.

Where did Avatar come from?

Well, I’d like to ask Mr. Cameron the same question.  Love the animation by the way, beautiful work by Weta.

Regardless of where they came from, it seems the people (who are blue) of Pandora will be taking up residence somewhere just around the riverbend, or was it take a left at the circle of life?

Whichever, their world will soon be found at the Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Disney World.

So you can see I’m torn.

This is quite the dilemma.  Do I go after the fact that Avatar is not a Disney movie?

Then again, I could rejoice in the very accurate and now prophetic review of the film by my fellow Crusader: “Disney told the same story in 90 minutes with music.  It’s called Pocahontas.

Did I mention how much we loved the animation and general beauty of the film? And that bit about losing yourself in an alternate reality…nice touch.

Back to my quandary: There’s also the fact that placing the Na’vi in the Animal Kingdom seems a little anti-message, not to mention anti-Disney.

Of course the real story is quite clear.  Obviously this is Disney’s attempt to outshine their new neighbor–The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

It’s hard to imagine Disney being jealous, but I think someone’s feeling left out of the magic.

I suppose we can let them have this one then.  Have fun with your regurgitated message and your blue people.  I just have one question for you:

Accio envy Disney?


“‘Avatar’ land is coming to Disney World”: USA TODAY

…bi-daily smile…

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