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Paddlesworth Produce Sunday Roast Box

By Evette Garside @evette77

Well you all know just how much I love my subscription and recipe boxes don't you? So as you can imagine I was very happy to hear from the lovely Katie from Paddlesworth produce. They have three different meal boxes - Breakfast, BBQ and Sunday roast and it's the Sunday roast box that really caught my eye. The company is based in Kent but they deliver via courier all over the UK. The produce is of course all fresh and comes from businesses based in Kent - local farmers, artisan sellers etc.

The boxes can be purchased as one offs and they also offer a subscription service too.

I was sent a Sunday roast box. You do of course get a choice of meat - beef, chicken, lamb or pork. I chose the lamb box which I absolutely love. This is the joint of lamb that I got. As you can see, it's not a cheap cut, nor is it wrapped in plastic. It's a prime cut of lamb and it tasted delicious.

Paddlesworth produce Sunday Roast Box

There was also a large selection of fresh vegetables in my box. Again these were top notch. Potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and snap peas, no tiny off cuts. All straight from the growers and no plastic what so ever.

Paddlesworth produce Sunday Roast Box

I put the lamb in the slow cooker for several hours and it was just delicious, literally pulled apart with ease. Add the vegetables and a bit of gravy and here is the finished Sunday roast.

Paddlesworth produce Sunday Roast Box

There is enough in the box to feed about 4/5 people depending on how big your family is, but it's certainly a family sized box.

Prices start from £30. This made a lovely treat indeed.

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