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Packing Tips When Planning to Move to Another City

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
Packing tips when planning to move to another city

Moving to another city is an exciting prospect. People decide to leave an area for many reasons. They may want to take another job, complete their university degree or be closer to beloved family and friends. Planning a move from one place to another takes a lot of careful planning and close attention to many kinds of details. Part of making the move flow more smoothly is making sure that everything is packed properly. All items should be packed well. This will make it easier to transport items long distance. It's also a good way to protect delicate things that may need special handling such as china and artwork.

Remove Extra Items

One way to pack well is get rid of items that do not need to be packed. A move is a great time to sort through the stuff that you're no longer using. If you haven't worn it in a year or used it in six months, think about throwing it out right now.

Donate Things

Once you've decided you no longer need things, some may not be useful. Others, however, can be donated. Donating objects is a great way to help local charities and feel good as well as reduce the number of things your movers need to lift. Examine all items closely. Stuff should be in best shape possible. Put clothing in the wash. Remove as much dirt and dust as possible.

Create a Calendar

Moving to another city can take a lot of time. You'll want to set up a calendar that enables you to plan how you're going to pack as it goes along. Now is a good idea to set up a packing calendar with specific details about what is being packed up. This way, you can determine what you're going to pack and when. A calendar lets you see what you've packed already.

Use Original Boxes

If you use lots of electronics, chances are that you have the original boxes the electronics came in. Look in your attic or basement. You might have put away the big screen television box. Now is the time to bring out it. You know it'll fit perfectly and keep the items safe during the move.

A Checklist

A checklist is a great way to determine what you've done already. Lists can be organized in varied ways. One useful way is with a room by room list. Look closely at each room from the bedrooms to the kitchen. You want to ideally match all the items with the items in your new space. It's also useful to divide the items into varied categories. Clothing can be grouped on one list while furniture goes on a separate list. This way, you'll know exactly what you're moving and packing before you leave. You'll also know what in each new room in the space.

Varied Materials in Each Box

Your boxes will eventually need to moved either by you or by your removalitsts. You want to make it easy for anyone moving the boxes to hold them. The boxes need to hold up as they are moved from one place to another. One of the best ways to avoid problems with the boxes is by making sure that each box is not overloaded. Use varied materials in each box. Clothing makes an excellent way to cushion delicate things without adding bulky packing materials. Line boxes with sweaters, shirts and other clothing you're not using right now.

Reserve Small Boxes For Heavy Items

Bring in lots of boxes in lots of sizes. Even smaller boxes are extremely useful. This is where you can place heavy items. If you have lots of books that you want bring, pack them right here. These boxes are also ideal for other items that weigh a lot. Grab your silverware and place them in your smallest boxes. Other items that can go in these boxes including all of your sewing supplies and decorative objects like brass figurines and extra candles. Larger boxes are a good place to store bulky things like pillows, cushions and a down comforter.

Proper Packing Supplies

Before you begin packing, make sure you have the right packing supplies on hand. You'll need boxes of all sizes. You will also need to have items like packing tape, markers, and any additional stuffing you want to use inside. Getting organized before you begin is crucial. You don't want to start only to find that you don't have what you need to close the box. You also don't want to have to run out and get more supplies in the middle of the move. Your goal is to make sure that all your packing is done before the move begins.

Label Everything

Things can go wrong during the move. Boxes can go temporarily missing. A list can be misplaced. This is why each moving box should be totally labeled. All boxes should have a list on the outside indicating what's inside. Take markers and write carefully where it's easily seen. Be as specific as possible. If the box contains books, indicate what kind of books are in it such as paperbacks or your college textbooks. This will provide an additional means that lets you know where to place each box in your new home.

Keep a Clear Plastic Box For Immediate Necessities

Any move can take lots of time. Don't pack everything away at once. A clear plastic box or series of boxes are useful. This is where you can place the stuff you'll want on hand right before the move and once you're there. Items like medications, your favorite makeup and your personal sheets and towels will make your new home feel cozy and warm. You'll also have the medications you need so you don't have to run out immediately. Having essentials on hand before you leave makes it easier to unpack and relax.

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