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Oy Vey: Text bombing...Who Knew?

By Joanigeltman @joanigeltman
In my effort to keep up with the latest social networking sites favored by teens, I came across the article below. I'll keep sharing this information with you so that you can be one step ahead of what your teen may be "playing" with next. So it seems that the next big thing to hit the phone universe is TEXTBOMBING. It appears that there are apps you can download that allow you to send nasty texts over and over again designed to annoy the person you are sending them to. So for example, if you had a beef with me, and you wanted to get back at me, you could sign up with one of these websites, and inundate my phone with text after text after text saying horrible and mean things.
Just imagine sitting at lunch with a friend enjoying a lovely conversation, and the text chime goes off hundreds of times. You can't not check it, because it could be important, but over and over again it is some jerk being nasty. The article below is an important read.
Whenever you find out some new app your kids might be using, start the conversation with a: "Hey, I just heard about this app that can text bomb? Have you heard about it. Do kids you know use this. Keep your voice neutral to get a read on whether your teen seems to know about it. If you get all "lecturey" about it, your teen will shut down any potential conversation and any information gathering your attempting will go down the tube. As this article suggests, this app whould be a no-no on your teen's phone. Happy sleuthing!

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