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Oxford Skies - Chemtrail Hell - Geo Engineeering Or War Footing Comms Links ON

Posted on the 05 April 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Oxford Skies - Chemtrail Hell - Geo Engineeering or War Footing Comms Links ON
it's been a while since I did a CHEMTRAILS UPDATE but they're back; otherwise it would have been a gorgeous blue-sky start to the day. Here are two images I took half an hour ago from the west of Oxford looking North (front) and South (back). This is the mess Commercial Airlines (or private and specifically refitted military airplanes) leave in our gorgeous blue skies with their 'emissions' or 'chemtrails'. And they're back about the same time (in fact late April) as they were last year when I reported on their return. Oh, really, what was happening then?
I don't know. I don't keep a log of all Sky Seeding Events. But someone will. There'll have been 'something' where some (what we thought was geo-engineering) chemtrail functionality enhanced some Military Comms Links needed in times of military movements, invasions and wars abroad. In fact, this situation reminds Free Planet of the use of RADAR in commercial flights and elsewhere, radar was only ever meant to be used as a last-resort Enemy Detection Tool in a war setting because of its radiational effect on the human body. Yes, they did research. And it's like the Tax and Banking systems; traditionally, a King would go to his people (tax them) and the international banks (for loans) to build his boats and tanks and raise his conscript or mercenary armies to fight his wars. Now, such enslaving mechanisms are active all the time?  We're OBVIOUSLY constantly at war i.e. for PROFIT.
Do this morning's North/South chemtrail-slaughter images suggest there's like a war on somewhere, right now? Maybe North Korea? Maybe somewhere like Chad or Eritrea or Yemen where such 'military oversight' is essential to Victory? There was a military helicopter curving east over Oxford yesterday afternoon, so someone's moving something in preparation for something. Listen, we don't care about your Carbon Tax GAME any more. We don't care about your Corporate War for Profit GAME any more.

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