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Oxford Art Weeks Most Westerly Outpost This Year

Posted on the 25 May 2019 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Place called Filkins,
two young artists doing Art Weeks, Callum Harvey and Ren Condry, both approaching their last year at Falmouth School of Art.

Oxford Art Weeks most westerly outpost this year

nice large studio piece

Callum HarveyRepresentational paintings exploring the varied and complex relationship between photography and painting, and portraying how the inescapable medium of photography is used and consumed in today’s society.

Oxford Art Weeks most westerly outpost this year

raw meaty goodness

Ren Condry – Figurative paintings studying the physicality of paint and the relationships between women within contemporary society. Influenced by the culture and images surrounding ‘men’s magazines’ and archive photographic media.
I said to the wife on our walk from Burford to Carterton today, "No artweeks this year," and we didn't until we accidented across this one. And I was so glad we did. The earthy Condry and the clean Harvey, worked really well together. Loved the show.

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