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Owner of Wants “$2 Million At Least”

Posted on the 30 December 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Back in August we wrote about the domain name which is has become Donald Trump’s famous tag line of the his 2016 Presidential run.

At the time we noted that although “The Donald filed a trademark on the term back in November 2012, the trademark was filed for opposition in 2013 and not finally granted until July, 14th 2015.

The domain name was first registered in 2009 under the domain name registrar, however the domain name actually dropped in June 2014 and sat unregistered for a few months until it was registered on October 7, 2014, meaning Donal Trump could have registered the domain name for about $10 until October 7th when someone registered the domain name at Godaddy under privacy.”

That someone contacted me last night claiming to be the owner of the domain and answered an email we sent to

The purported owner,  Wendy Vantiem commented on our August post saying that the domain was for sale.  I asked Ms. Vantiem how much she wanted for the domain name, to which she responded “I was really hoping to get at least $2,000,000. for the domain name.”

Back in August  when we wrote about the domain, it had an Alexa Ranking of 13 Million worldwide, however now the Alexa ranking has climbed to 6.5 Million Worldwide with 100% of the traffic coming from people typing in the domain.

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