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Oversee Should Have Secured The Domain Before Changing The Name Of Its Conference

Posted on the 24 January 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

When announced a few months ago it was changing its name from Domainfest to Webfest you would have thought they would have at least secured the right to use the domain

Afterall, is in the domain business and even though they have switched gears by broadening the old Domainfest into Webfest it doesn’t change the fact that Oversee is a major player in the domain business and that most of their revenue was and is still generated in the domain business

Although the formal name of the DomainFest was DomainFest Global and WebFest is Webfest Global, does own the domain name but it doesn’t own the domain name

The domain name is owned by Scott Day.

You would have thought that Oversee before making the decision to change the name of their conference to WebFest would have acquired or at  leased the domain name from Scott so a conference held by a domaining company would at least be in control have the matching domain.

Its equivalent to Google running a conference on search and if you did a Google search for the conference not finding it on the first result page.…

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