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Overnight Hair Treatment?

By Inordinatelyplush @inordinateplush


Umberto Giannini Overnight Magic Hair Repair - £5.61 at Boots

Now, here’s a product I am really not sure to think of. As I might of mentioned before, my hair is extremely dry and every now and again I treat it to some TLC. So when Boots had 3 for £10 offer on professional hair care this week I jumped at it. I bought a shampoo and conditioner by James Brown (later to review) and then fancied something new and shiny. If I am totally honest, it was the packaging of this that grabbed me –so luxurious- but then after reading the blurb I was really intrigued. I was confused by how there is no confirmation of whether this goes onto dry or wet hair. Can it be used on wet hair? Or does it only work when put onto dry? I had to YouTube reviews to find out, anyway, it goes on dry hair at night. I use double the amount recommended as I have a very large mane of hair. It smells divine and doesn’t feel too horrendous when it’s put on.

Here’s where I get confused; I wake up in the morning and my ends are still dry? And also frizzy, I might add –my hair is always frizzy-, I assumed this glamorous product would reduce fizziness and replace it with glossiness. I’ve used it three or four nights now and I haven’t seen a huge improvement. I don’t like to talk negatively about a product, and like I say, it does looks gorgeous and smells it too, but it just isn’t working for my hair. I would love to hear if anyone else has used this product and how they found it?

I am to carry on using it, and it will hopefully not end up in my new and upcoming ‘Not Sure of Products’ feature –yes I know, very innovative title there Jen, I’m working on it. It does state to use it every night as part of a routine, so maybe it will take quite a number of applications before it makes visible differences to my hair. My main aim of this post was hopefully to get some advice or experiences with this product really, and that is what you lovely beauty bloggers are best at, so hit me with it ladies!

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