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Over Half of Brits Know Nothing About Their Immediate Family History

Posted on the 22 April 2015 by 72point @72hub


Over half of Brits know absolutely NOTHING about their immediate family history, according to new research.

And many are completely in the dark about their grandparent’s full names, what mom and dad’s full job titles are, and even what their siblings do at work.

In fact, four in ten said they probably know more about celebrity families than their own, including knowing where Kate and Wills first met – but not their own parents.

The study of 2,000 people revealed the shocking lack of knowledge many have surrounding their family members.

More than half of those polled had no idea where their parents met and struggled to say when or even where they got married. And only one in five people knew how long their grandparents had been married for.

A spokesman for Crown Carveries, which commissioned the study, said: “With so many stresses and commitments in life, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important at times.

“Family may have some advice based on their own experiences and chatting to our relatives about their lives is a great way of getting closer.

“You never know, Gran might have some interesting tales up her sleeve.’’

The research showed that the average family is made up of three generations, with one in five families also having great grandparents, though the amount most adults knew about each family member left little to be desired.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, facts about their grandparents and great grandparents were more of a mystery to most Brits than those about their parents.

Though almost seven in ten claimed they spent a lot of time with their grandparents, 60 per cent didn’t know where they grew up or what profession they had when they were young.

And a shocking nine in ten had no idea when asked to give the date of their grandparents’ wedding anniversary.

But while a lack of knowledge about the grandparents might be understandable, being oblivious about brothers and sisters is a bit more surprising.

Over a quarter of people with siblings didn’t even know when their birthdays were, with the same amount who couldn’t give their correct ages.

And though 28 per cent claimed to know what singer James Blunt did before hitting the charts – four in ten were completely baffled over their siblings’ job titles.

And while six in ten couldn’t give their grandmother’s full name, 24 per cent could easily list the names of all the Beckham children.

On taking the poll, over 80 per cent said they wished they knew more about previous generations, with many saying they’d encourage their children to be more curious about their family history.
Seven in ten would like to know more about their family history, with over a quarter who were ashamed that they didn’t know enough.

And telling tales of the past is key, said the adults, as three quarters said it’s important to keep family history alive by passing on old anecdotes.

The spokesman for Crown Carveries said, ‘’It’s important for a family to get together regularly over a meal or to celebrate a special occasion, or you could end up taking each other for granted.

“Chatting to the kids about when you were their age might seem a cliché, but they’ll thank you for it later.’’

To help celebrate our families, Crown Carveries is holding a great-grandparents day on Sunday 26th April, where if four generations of the same family dine together, great-grandparents eat for free.
Where mom and dad met 56 per cent
Where mom and dad got married 48 per cent
Where mom and dad went on their honeymoon 68 per cent
Age parents got together 64 per cent
Grandparents’ full names 58 per cent
Grandparents’ ages / the age they lived to 60 per cent
Where Grandparents grew up 60 per cent
How long Grandparents were married for 78 per cent
How many siblings Grandparents had 69 per cent
Siblings’ dates of birth 27 per cent
Siblings’ job titles 45 per cent
What siblings do in their jobs 46 per cent
Dad’s middle name 29 per cent
Dad’s date of birth 26 per cent
Dad’s job title 42 per cent
Mum’s maiden name 14 per cent
Mum’s age 27 per cent
Mum’s first job 62 per cent


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