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Outtakes: Volume 6

By Stilettosanddiaperbags @Sadbblog
It's Fri-yay and I am so excited for the weekend to start! We are moving in four days (you can follow along over on Snapchat @StilettosandDB) and it's a bit crazy at my house right now. Who knew selling one property, buying a new construction home, and transferring two kids into a new school district (one with an IEP) would be so difficult? I swear I'm not going to know what to do with myself when it's all over...maybe I'll actually enjoy my summer and go to the pool with my kiddos everyday! A girl can dream! ;) Let's be honest, this blog (and my posts on the Sisters Marie blog), are going to get very home decor and DIY in the coming months/years. I have a big house to fill up and decorate next! I can't wait to share that all with you guys. In the meantime, lets have a few laughs at my most recent outtakes, shall we? 
When your hubby starts cat-calling you at the end of the shoot.Outtakes: Volume 6 (source)
Wind that isn't working for me. At all!Outtakes: Volume 6 (source)
"Seriously though, are the geese coming this way?"Outtakes: Volume 6 (source)
"Why wind? You would not do this for Beyonce!"Outtakes: Volume 6 (source) 
Hair with a mind of it's own!Outtakes: Volume 6 (source)
RBF  Outtakes: Volume 6 (source)
"Bouncy hair, don't care." Outtakes: Volume 6 (source) 
"Can we be done? Over it."Outtakes: Volume 6 (source) 
"Walk this way!" Outtakes: Volume 6 (source) 
Gotta love timer photo shoots...walking into frame.Outtakes: Volume 6 (source) 
Hair issuesOuttakes: Volume 6 (source) 
"I'm so fancy..."Outtakes: Volume 6(source) 
Want to see more outtakes? Here are a few of my favorite previous outtakes post here, here, here.
I am taking next week off of blogging during the move, but will be back up ad running on May 30th! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by today! xo

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