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Outro’s Tips for 2011: Spring Offensive

Posted on the 21 February 2011 by Outroversion @outroversion

Outro’s Tips for 2011: Spring Offensive

Spring Offensive

The buzz around Spring Offensive in Oxford is palpable and deservedly so. Their music is in keeping with Foals’ success but don’t let that put you off. The reason I’m posting this and cutting short my revelry in my Bright Eyes dissertation is you only have one more day to download their new ep, either for free or as much as you want!! Here’s the official word…



In recognition of this equally loathed/loved mid-February high- or low-point, Oxford’s unique and eclectic (and totally brilliant; Ed) Spring Offensive have released an intimate EP entitled ‘Between Me & You’.

From 14th February – and just for one week – ‘Between Me & You’ will be available for download, and you can pay what you want for this five-track EP.

I have my grubby hands on a preview copy of ‘ Between Me & You’ and I’d like to give you a quick heads up on the EP:

  1. Bail Out. If you’re not already in love with Lucas’ voice, this is the track that will do it. Apt, for a Valentine Day release that a vocal ability as stunning as his emerges to make you love it. The instrumental intro passes the baton and in the gentlest way possible, Lucas’ voice commands you to sit still and listen to the emotionally-dripping exhibition.
  2. To Burn or Build With. I’ve heard Spring Offensive perform this live and was struck by the craftsman-like way the band built a quiet, acoustic number to a full-on stage performance. Beautiful harmonies, musical and percussive crescendos that drop quickly away gently cloak a building texture of melody that is, frankly, a stunning listen.
  3. A Stutter and a Start. This is a quicker-paced 4/4-time piece, but it still hangs back in the acoustic-flavour corner of Spring Offensive’s repertoire. Not as riff-flavoured as anything else on the EP, this is a stunning little number that screams versatility, but screams it in a quiet, melodic manner.
  4. A Let Down. This is worth listening for just for the story. Musically it conjures up images of a group of friends sitting around making music effortlessly. The lyrics tell an altogether different tale. This is the kind of music I tried to write at university and failed. Spring Offensive don’t fail.
  5. Between Me And You. The last track on Between Me & You and at 2’46″, the shortest on the EP. You’ll forgive me if I invoke the God of musical excellence. To my ears there is a distinct flavour of  Sigur Rós on this track. And possibly just the merest hint of Jonquil.

So, for seven days from February 14th you can download a copy of ‘Between Me & You’ on a ‘pay what you like’ basis.

Oh sure, this means you could get it for free if you wanted, but come on, it cost the guys time, effort and expense to get this track to you. The least you can do is give them a tip for their trouble.

And now here’s why you should be generous.

If you choose to pay more than £4 for this five-track EP, you’ll get your name listed as a credit on the physical copy of ‘A Stutter and a Start’, which will be released as a single in April.

Between Me & You is a top slab of musical excellence that brings you lyrical tales of companionship, guilt, confrontation and decisions. It is a record that deals with the realisation of two people growing slowly apart and the increasingly emptier void between them.

So, this February 14th – and for seven days afterwards – you need to nip along to the Spring Offensive website at http://www.springoffensive.co.uk and download your copy of Between Me & You.

And offer the band £4.10 for your copy.

And get yourself listed on Spring Offensive’s next single.



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