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Outro Introduces Oxford: Mr Shaodow

Posted on the 04 May 2011 by Outroversion @outroversion

Outro Introduces Oxford: Mr Shaodow

Mr Shaodow

Sitting in a tent before all the music started on the second day of Truck in 2008, someone read out a bio in which an artist, “Mr. Shaodow” described himself as (something along the lines of) a “buddhist, ninja rapper“. To say these curiosities were piqued would be a huge understatement, we were already there and due to his commitment to this city have had the pleasure many times since.

I’m a huge fan of truly talented rappers that don’t resort to the usual cliches, great word smiths like Mr. Shaodow, Shad, Buck 65 and the teams of Kid British and  Sweatshop Union. Not that Dre, Kanye and Jay Z aren’t superb but at times I would argue, they aren’t particularly cerebral. But then I accept I may well be missing the point here!

Mr. Shaodow’s live shows are energetic. creative, confident, absorbing affairs and I’ve never seen an audience not be completely gripped by the tornado of seemingly endless stamina on display from a performer who has been honing his craft for half a decade now and if you weren’t aware of the time period he’s easily mistaken a big time ringer.

As well as the obvious talent, the man also has a great understanding of the game itself. He self-releases his tunes, supporting his endeavors financially from his own pocket; a fascinating example of an artist who stays true to the path they believe in rather than being swayed by the empty promises that so many others sell their souls for. Of course it’s not easy but he has some pretty impressive stats to back up his decisions.

This track itself is released next month but you’re welcome to stick these streams in your aural orifices for the time being. These are promos so bear with the electronic watermark at the start, middle and fade out at the end. Two tracks are featured on the single, the inspirational get stronger and the darker stay away. Both display his lyrical dexterity and speed of delivery and his passion is utilized in every syllable and beat.

Check him out at the academy supporting MC Lars on 12th May (tickets) and the promo and tracks below-

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