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Outro Introduces Oxford: Danica Hunter

Posted on the 08 June 2011 by Outroversion @outroversion

Outro Introduces Oxford: Danica Hunter

Danica Hunter

Were Danica Hunter to shuffle up onto your ipod you probably wouldn’t guess she was A. Seventeen and B. Not Adele.

Danica’s a little different from the other artists covered in this feature; just one voice and a guitarist (Angus Chandler), with which she made it to the finals of UK Open Mic 2010 at the 02 arena. A fact that is bound to be in every other review of hers for the time being but it’s hard to ignore.

I think I first heard of her as often is the case these days, through twitter. You can follow her here, she’s a really good follow. Her voice is distinct and has a soulfulness impossible for her age. Some songs remind me of moments on Amy Winehouse’s Frank, other times I don’t see too much difference between her tones and Adele’s.

Danica is still at College where she studies Performing Arts and thankfully the musical theatre habits that so many artists pick up are absent from her captivating performances. She’s playing the Henley Festival on 8th July, tickets here, alongside some ridiculously huge names and if you live around the Oxford area keep an eye out for her at local venues.

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