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Outfit | Typical Thursday

By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy

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Typical Thursday outfit. Or maybe typical any day. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there’s a formula for my outfits I use a lot. Sweater plus pants plus shoes. Probably the most simple formula there is, but also my favorite. Especially when the ingredients that go into the recipe are interesting enough by themselves and don’t need much layering, accessorizing or other extras. I never really noticed it’s my most and very often used formula until a few weeks ago. Which brought me into a bit of a panic: shouldn’t I not use some more layering skills, wear more skirts and less sweatshirts, more bling and less 3 piece-outfits? Well, I tried, most of which happened in front of my wardrobe putting on layers on layers and decided that I either looked like a clown or in most cases it just didn’t feel natural. I’m trying to let it all go now. I like my ordinary pants plus sweatshirt combinations. It will be the combination you will probably see most on the blog. Maybe with a coat, maybe with a skirt sometimes, but this is just my most worn combination and the one that works always, regardless. I guess the trick that does it for me is making sure the sweatshirt in casu / the pants are something cool by themselves, which probably have kept you from noticing my formula for a long time. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you, because now you might start noticing it. Or you won’t because you will just be blinded by all the pretty bright leopard going on in the sweatshirt above. That go perfect with a pair of sporty trousers. In any way, I hope you don’t mind and I’ll try to shove in a layer here and there, because there’s a fine line between staying true to oneself and getting lazy ;) Happy Thursday guys!

Bright leopard print sweatshirt: Kenzo / Trousers: ASOS / Shoes: Mango / Watch: Michael Kors

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