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Outfit: These Clothes Were Made For Running

By Stilettosanddiaperbags @Sadbblog
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I finally went for my first outdoor run of the season! It was in the upper 50's this day so it was nice to have my new outfit from Fabletics to wear. 
I also got to break in my new gym shoes and put my wireless ear buds to the test. 
Here is my new running outfit:  photo abc493b8-fe2e-43f7-b06e-bee2e8a27242_zpsc8947cc7.jpg photo bfeec64a-4f4a-4e59-89ce-e566859e2044_zps8d3fdf70.jpg photo 4f48fda0-567b-4891-85ad-559fdf8c6b8f_zps7e8a13f5.jpg photo 0dde5608-b2c4-4d4f-96e7-d2a9d7248331_zpse5cb9a0b.jpg The great thing about this top is that there is a zipper pocket in the lower back. Once I had my earbuds on, I zipped my IPhone in the back of my top and I was good to go!  photo efa17b94-10aa-446f-9ad7-af81608598bd_zpsb2c3b25a.jpg photo 282e7296-35d2-4f57-aa7f-a5756014a09e_zpsd9296abd.jpg photo a0010b3b-7938-429d-8922-a45ef8f2ca76_zpsa731f02e.jpgTop, Sports Bra, & Shorts: c/o Fabletics // Shoes: Target // Wireless Headphones: Motorola BudsThe last shot was taken after my judgments! I figured I could either put makeup on and take photos, or not put makeup on and actually go for a run. I did the latter. ;)
Are you a Fabletics member yet? What do you think of this outfit?

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