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By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy

Outfit | The PufferOutfit | The PufferOutfit | The PufferOutfit | The PufferOutfit | The Puffer

The puffer jacket. It’s a love/hate relationship. There’s a lot of bad, shiny plastic ones with fur on the hood of which you already wish your 16-year old daughter or sun will never wear them because it will tell so much about them just by wearing a jacket. But there’s also a few (and that’s a small few) good ones out there. The puffer jacket is for many people something they don’t know they’re wearing it (as a kid), something really cool (the one discussed above), something awful right after that period and then there comes a phase when you’ll see that when a puffer jacket is done well, it’s a great coat. It gives that nice bit of volume, keeps you super warm and gives that super casual look. The fabric is really really important though. So when the puffer jacket grew on me and I went to look for a good one, the search wasn’t easy. In this case, there’s not really a super cheap version, because all super cheap versions look super cheap and that’s the most important thing you don’t want in a puffer jacket. And then I ran into this one from Goosecraft. Real, very beautiful leather, just the right amount of puff, great color.. And suddenly I’m a puffer-jacket-wearer, and absolutely not ashamed of it. I wore it really simple this time in my favorite all black and thought I’d let the jacket (and the boots of course!) shine on their own. And now I’m very curious to hear your opinion on puffer jackets.. Recognize any of the above?

Leather puffer jacket: Goosecraft / Jumper: ASOS / Jeans: Zara / Boots: Acne / Bag: Zara

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