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Outfit: IEP Meeting

By Stilettosanddiaperbags @Sadbblog
I know all mothers think their kids are the best, but my son really is (my daughter is too, but this post is about the little man)! ;) Two years ago I attended my first IEP meeting and I remember the group telling me his goal would be "to be able to answer a yes-no question with no prompts in 12 months". I cried at this meeting. Happy tears. That was such an amazing thing to think that my son would be able to answer a question. He was 3 years old with maybe 5 clear words, very little eye contact, and a bad case of repeat the last word you say. Forward two years, endless bio medical bills (IT'S SO WORTH IT!), natural cooking (with gf, low dairy diet....also worth it), and a whole lot of patients from myself and the hubby to the AMAZING early childhood staff at my son's school. Which brings me to this IEP meeting. My son is being main streamed and I was told by 1st or 2nd grade he will no longer qualify for speech therapy as he will be age appropriate. AHHHH! Hear come those happy tears again!
We still have a long way to go and he will be on a special diet and take natural medicine the rest of his life, but we are finally hitting our stride! The lesson of this day was SUCK IT AUTISM, I'm getting my boy back...but thanks for the great memorization, excelled math, and quirky personalty, we will keep that gladly! Here is what I wore for his IEP meeting at the school: photo 80acac90-3eb2-42ea-9172-18f09af26bc8_zpsb11d13ec.jpg photo bohoearrings_zps4b28fbde.jpg photo cf3a381f-f4b7-488c-9246-565dccd715fa_zps16fcaf22.jpg
Tank: Urban Outfitters, Under Tank: JC Penny, Shorts: Loft, Shoes: C/O Just Fab, Bag: Piperlime, Watch: Fossil, Sunnies: Ray ban, Earrings: C/O Lotus Blossom Design (get your here for only $9.75!) Anyone else super excited for summer break? Little man will be in the one month summer school program, but we plan on lots of swimming, outdoor bike rides, and trips to the lake!  

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