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Our Weekend + Your Questions Answered!

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Happy Monday and hurray for a short week here folks! I can't freaking wait to hug my sister who flies in on Thursday morning for our Thanksgiving feast. Seriously- it's going to be the best! But anywhoooo let's dive into how our weekend went!

Saturday was our last day of Gymnastics for our Lily. She has done such a tremendous job listening ( something we work on daily- toddler parents you get it right?! ) and working on her tumbling. The teacher even commented to me not only what a great job our daughter has done over the last 6 weeks but how strong she was too for being such a little lady! Did I ever tell you the story of when she was only a day old and our lacation consultant came in because I was having trouble nursing her and commented how strong she was-- asking who the athlete in our family was? You all know my husband takes the cake on the that one. #StateChampInWrestling

Anyways after we were finished with the rest of the weekend flew by! I worked a bit on a few freelance writing articles but also battling an awful sore throat. The worst! Hears to lots of tea and snuggles!

Our Weekend + Your Questions Answered!

I also wanted to take some time to answer your questions that a few of you have been wanting to know about me + the blog world + personal info ! So here are your questions answered!

1. How do you manage everything? 
This was the number one question so many of you asked when I posted on my Instagram. Here's my secret- make it look easy. No truth. We make it look easy but I promise you I may be dropping the ball somewhere else. Between working a full time job 8-5, running this blog business, being a Mom to two kids, a wife to my supportive husband + adding in freelance writing a few times a week..right I get it. I'm either making sure the world keeps turning or I'm nuts. So here's how I attempt to manage it all.

Prioritize + Organize! I am nothing without a pen, paper and an endless list of things that need to be checked off. I start off by writing down everything that needs to get done just that day. I go through the list and write down what needs to get done from most to least urgent. Obviously what has a deadline and needs to get done is first but then things that aren't so important like laundry ( I get that done when the kids are sleeping ) is fine.

The best thing I can recommend and a true problem I always have is learning when to say "NO" and being ok with it. I think so many of us struggle with that because we always want to be included, work with this company or get to that event. I said No the other day to something I thought would be a huge advantage and ended up being ok with it. I can only devote my time to what I truly feel is important and by doing so- making it better for myself and my family.

2. How did you come out with your blog name?

Great question! I know it can be super hard to think of a name and believe me, I went through a few rounds myself on my blog name. I used to be called 'Fit, Fierce and Fabulous' .. but as I grew + got married, had kids and really set a new life for myself and this blog, I really just wanted a more generic name. I love alliteration so something to go along with name was important + a little 'cozy corner' of the world is just how I like my life to be-- there ya go!

Think of various ideas and write them down. Ask your friends or family to help. Sometimes bouncing ideas off one another is a great way to spark some creativity!

3. What keeps you going? 

As anyone who wants to keep their business afloat, what drives you is what your passion should be! Is it trying to change one small thing? Is it wanting to make a difference? Connecting with others? Being that inspiration for someone else? Whatever it is- hold onto it.

But you asked what keeps me going-- well that's easy. It's to contribute. I've never been one to sit back and sit on the sidelines. I like being apart of contributing to something, especially when it comes to my family. I'll work 60+ hours a week to put a smile on my husband or children's faces. To be ably to take that trip. To reach a goal of mine that I never think could be plausible. I do it because I truly just enjoy blogging, working and connecting with others.

4. What's some advice you have for new bloggers?
Don't do it! Oh my gosh- just kidding! Of COURSE do it! We need awesome bloggers like you out there and yes I'm talking to you! YES YOU! Anyone can start a blog but it's knowing what you are in for that makes you stand out. As bloggers it may seem glamorous to get to do so many fun things, collaborate with some incredible brands and make it look as if we all just #wokeuplikethis. But here's the truth- we wear so many hats. We're the market directors, the creative director, the photographer, the editor, the's an endless list' and a truly 24/7 job. My husband will find me on my phone at 2am writing an e-mail or checking stats on something. This article from Pink Peonies says it all on how she grew her business at only 26.

My other advie would be to surround yourself with those that believe in you. Your tribe- your boss blogger babes- whatever you want to call them - keep them close by and always motivate, inspire and share their content too! #CommunityOverComparison is so important and one to keep you grounded as you and your blog grow! You're there to help one another, not tear down.

What other questions do you have?Tell me how your weekend was!
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