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Our Responsibilities as Parents: Don’t Kill Your Child with Food.

By Umkhaloodie

Did the horsemeat ‘movement’ make you think twice about what food you are buying? Even here in Kuwait, it made me wonder exactly what I am eating.
As long as a horse has been killed halal, does that mean that we too could have horsemeat in our food? Afterall, we have no problem eating camel here. Slaughtering sheep and then cooking them immediately in our own homes.

I have become more weary of what I eat and what I feed my kids.

Yesterday, a friend told me, we have something like 85 McDonald’s here in Kuwait- disgusted? Yes, you should be.

We really need to start taking care of our health and our kids.

A few week’s ago, I watched an 8 year old eat three times the amount I had on my plate and then ask for more. The mother gracefully said, ‘of course, you can have more’. The child is already obese and if she continues the way she is going, the mother will have killed her by the time she is 16. She is a cardiac arrest waiting to happen.

When you have children, you are responsible for what you feed your children. Don’t just grab chips and chicken nuggets from the freezer because it’s ‘quick and easy’. It’s just as easy to boil some vegetables, make up some soup and to toast some multigrain toast.

Don’t get me wrong, of course, my kids eat chicken nuggets and chips but I really try to give them at least 3/4 different things. Children need a balance. Your children may look ‘fine’ but are their bones fine? Are their organs ok? You can’t see inside. You don’t know.

Don’t kill your children with food, cherish them with love.

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