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Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 12

By Thecookspyjamas @thecookspyjamas
Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 12

The Princess has returned to school this week, and I breathed a sigh of relief as we regain some sort of routine. Don't laugh, I like routine. I know what time we should be home each evening, and can start to plan accordingly. Stocking up the freezer is paying off, and I changed my meal plan mid-week to take advantage of a frozen meal rather than cook something from scratch.

This week we have eaten:


Mexican Bean Nachos from Wholefood by Jude Blereau.

This Mexican Bean recipe is a cool weather staple in our house. It is packed with vegetables and freezes really well. It is great for nachos, burritos and enchiladas.


Lemon Tuna Pasta.

This is my store-cupboard standby recipe, and a firm family favourite. The Princess eats more of this dish than anything else I make.


Chicken Schnitzel with Easy Baked Sweet Potato Chips and Mushy Peas.

The chicken schnitzel was straight from the freezer, and with the chips in the oven and quick cooking baby peas, this was an easy meal.


Spiced Pork & Potato Pie with Kamut and Spelt Shortcrust Pastry and Wilted Spinach.

I was slightly concerned about this recipe, as I wasn't too sure how the cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice would work in a savory dish. I doubled the recipe, but did not double the spices, and it was delicious.


Lamb Curry with Cashew Cream, Turban Chopsticks Traditional Jewelled Mung Dahl, and brown rice.

The lamb curry was straight out of the freezer, and I cooked the dahl in the Thermomix, using some caramelised onions rather than cooking fresh onion.

Freezer Cooking

I usually double the Mexican Beans recipe when I make it so I have a couple of meals in the freezer. This time I inadvertently tripled the recipe, so now I have five additional meals. Not that I am complaining.

I keep pinning recipes for taquitos, a new-to-me food, and I finally made this recipe for Oven Baked Chicken Taquitos. We haven't eaten them yet but the filling was delicious so they will possibly not make it past this weekend.

I had leftover filling and pastry from the pie on Wednesday evening, so I made some smaller pies using my new pie maker. These will be handy for weekend lunches, or a simple dinner when Mr Grumpy is away.

Bon Appetit!

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