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Our Photographs Show Our Fears

By Umkhaloodie

Believe it or not, the answer, if you don’t know it, may be hidden within your pictures.

Studies show we photograph what we cherish most which in actual fact can be our biggest fears. We photograph our children because we love and cherish them, we want to have memories, not necessarily because we are worried something might happen but as a parent there is always that ‘doubt/what if’ in our minds.

There’s a lot to be said for Kuwait’s Instagram: food, food, portraits of ourselves and again, more food.

So what’s the problem here? People don’t know where their priorities should be? Are self-portraits a silent cry for help? Does getting 120+ likes from strangers make you feel better about yourself?

What do you think?

The inspiration for this post actually came from q8blend. Just yesterday I read about about Kuwait’s Instagram over on their site and it made me wonder. Where are all the good quality pictures of Kuwait? There used to be some but it seems now, all of us (I’m guilty of it too) prefer posting google images/quotes…
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Instagram in Kuwait isn’t what it used to be, main reason being, people ‘like’ what they see, not what they actually like. I proved it last week by posting a picture of a rat that had been dissected – how could anyone LIKE that? It was completely and utterly gross but it got 80 likes? Silly? Yes, I thought so.
What’s the secret? Why do we constantly post pictures of food here? What’s the real secret behind selfies?
Do you think Kuwait themselves have ruined Instagram?

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