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Our Long Thanksgiving Weekend + A Special Birthday

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Wow did anyone else think the last few days went by like that? Usually we are traveling out East but this year we decided to stay in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. We were so excited that my sister flew into town early Thursday morning to enjoy the break with us for a few days! I don't think Lily left her side for more than a few minutes ha! She truly loves her Aunt!
Thursday we spent the day cooking and getting things ready for a mid afternoon Thanksgiving feast. Morgan is on the Keto diet and although I'm pushing really hard not to nurse Landon anymore, I'm still dairy free. Our options were simple but not as filling as I'm sure my husband would have liked. We are so lucky he's pretty easy going when it comes to food and certain diet restrictions so he went along with what Morgan and I made. It was a hug feat like I said; Brussels spouts with bacon, smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, cauliflower mashed potatoes, a huge salad + gravy! We had dessert that included my sister's special brownie mix ( the keto diet is no sugar or carbs ) so I was excited to have it plus apple pie.
Friday we lounged around the house and put up all our Christmas decorations plus watched a lot of our favorite Christmas movies including Home Alone and Home Alone 2. I could not have enjoyed it more. Since I've been pushing formula more on Landon ( as a few of you may have seen in my Insta Stories ) I had a few leftover mashed potatoes + hot cooca with milk earlier in the day. Landon's been pretty fussy with a few teeth coming in and I thought it wouldn't hurt to try and nurse just a little  bit. Well that was a huge mistake because come Saturday morning...
he woke up with an awful allergic reaction. His eyes were super puffy and his eczema was all over his body and extremely irritating for him. I truly felt awful thinking it would not have been a big deal but clearly he just can't handle any sort of milk. Zach calmed me down and after talking over with him, FaceTiming my Mom and calling my favorite NICU nurse, they all suggested to just let it take its course. Morgan and I were able to get away for a few hours and go MOH shopping for our bridesmaid dresses + enjoy some alone time together!
Our Long Thanksgiving Weekend + A Special Birthday
We gabbed and laughed for hours while shopping and taking our time in some of our favorite stores together. So many of you suggested going to UpBeet for lunch and you were exactly right for what we were craving; healthy, delicious and affordable! I can't wait to plan my lunch there again soon! We enjoyed a long walk around the neighborhood when we returned and then relaxed with a homemade meal of spaghetti squash + sauce plus garlic bread and salad.
Sunday came way too soon and before we knew it we were sending our sweet Aunt in a cab to get to the airport. I wanted to try and take her myself but I had booked our Christmas photos with one of my new favorite photographers early that morning and didn't want to risk getting stuck in that awful holiday traffic. The kids did...mmm ok, if you can count a curious toddler and a screaming/teething infant who was needing his nap. Thank goodness for amazing photographers who just snap away and share stories to know that it'll be ok. You only need 3-4 good photos right?!
Our Long Thanksgiving Weekend + A Special BirthdayOur Long Thanksgiving Weekend + A Special BirthdayOur Long Thanksgiving Weekend + A Special BirthdayThe rest of the day was spent getting a few things done around the house and celebrating our favorite guy's birthday by going bowling! Since Zach's 32nd birthday falls today, we wanted to do something fun and loved sharing the excitement in our daughter's face too! She loved bowling and even got a strike! The rest of the day was spent lounging and spending some quality time before Zach leaves this week for Deer Camp.
Hope you all had a wonderful time with your friends and family! How was your Thanksgiving?
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